LG X Venture

Earlier we heard about the new LG X Venture smartphone which is a new rugged Android device and now ATT has announced that it will offer the handset in the US.

The LG X Venture will be available exclusively from ATT in the US from this Friday the 26th of May.

“ATT is the only place to get your LG X venture  with unlimited entertainment on a full HD screen,” said Jeff Howard, vice president of mobile devices, ATT Entertainment Group. “With this device you can confidently stream your favorite shows on a shatter resistant Full HD Gorilla Glass screen surrounded by a resilient metal frame and a non-slip design. This smartphone is in-step with your on-the-go lifestyle without you compromising design, battery or features.”

“We know you want a phone that looks great, doesn’t skimp on features and can easily handle an on-the-go lifestyle,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.  “Whether you’re an adventurist who needs a phone tough enough to be your sidekick on demanding hikes and record-setting workouts, or a multi-tasker who wants a phone that can withstand the curveballs and surprises each day may throw at you, the LG X venture was built to ensure you can feel unstoppable and look good doing it.”

ATT will be offering the LG X Venture for $11 a month over 30 months on their installment plan, you can find out more details at the link below.

Source ATT

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