New Moment iPhone 7 Battery And Photo Case

iPhone photographers looking to push their smartphone lenses to the limit, may be interested in a new photography lens and battery case which has been designed by Moment.

Offering both a protective and battery case option the Moment system allows you to easily attach extra lenses to your iPhone allowing you to enhance its photographic capabilities even further using either a wide-angle, telephoto, superfine or macro lens.

New Moment iPhone 7 Battery

Watch the video below to learn more about this new iPhone 7 battery case which is launched by Kickstarter to raise the $500,000 the team requires to take the system into production. Thanks to over 1,200 backers the team have already raised over $158,000 with still 59 days remaining on their campaign.

We believe that the future of photography is in your pocket. The best camera is the one you have with you, and that camera is your phone. At Moment, we want to make your phone work more like a camera. This is our most ambitious project yet. Introducing not one, but three new products.

– Battery Photo Case – The first battery case for mobile photography.
– Photo Case – A thin, lens mountable case for picture takers.
– All New Wide Lens – Our new aspherical lens that captures stunning images with edge to edge clarity.

The more we shoot, the more battery we require. Constantly on the go, we don’t always have time to find a wall plug, or space to carry a pocket full of power banks. So we created a new type of battery case, one that brings power and photography together like never before.

Power To The People – Starting with the battery, we wanted a case that let you shoot all day. One that delivered on the promise of power without the extra bulk. Using a custom design, the iPhone 7+ Case packs a 3500 mAh battery and the iPhone 7 carries a 2500 mAH battery. Both larger than the phone batteries themselves, this translates into more than a 100% recharge of your phone. Using all the available length and width within the case, we focused on adding the thinnest possible battery with maximum performance.

Beyond battery size, we wanted to make the case easy to use. It automatically keeps your phone charged whenever it’s inside. And because we like to provide a little extra control, you can turn charging settings on and off inside the Moment App, something most other battery cases don’t provide.

Source: Kickstarter

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